Layered Diamonds PDF


I named my design for this collection Layered Diamonds as a nod to the fact that the pattern is designed for using layer cakes (10-inch squares of fabric) by placing them on point with a few key blocks being pieced or layered as well. The Layered Diamonds pattern will help you beautifully showcase your favorite layer cake prints with very little waste and left over fabric!

54″ x 67 1/2″ quilt
Designed by: Yvonne Fuchs

Materials Needed:
-Low Volume Layer Cake or (38) 10″ squares
-Rainbow Layer Cake or (24) 10″ squares
-5/8 yard Binding (or use remaining rainbow layer cake squares)
-3 1/2 yards Backing

Fabric is Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman. Proudly made with Aurifil thread.

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