Lorinda’s Color Inspirations: Fall

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“I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.” Lee Maynard

Hello all, Lorinda here bringing you the latest Quilt Theory Designer Corner. As you may know, each time I take over the blog, I like to use the Quilt Theory coloring pages to re-imagine our patterns in all sorts of color ways. Since fall is upon us, and it’s my favorite season, I couldn’t help but chose some soft fall palettes this time around.


The first pattern up is Up the Ladder by Cheryl Brickey. I kept the white background for this one, but exchanged the Collection 3 color palette for grey, slate blue, and crimson orange. I’m kind of in love with this! This pattern has such a modern feel to it no matter what colors you use.

Next up is my own pattern, Kayak Point. I gave it a light sage background and colored my diamonds peach, orange, and brown to look like fall leaves. I also left some diamonds white to add a visual pop to the design. I have seen this in spring and summery colors, but the brown and orange tones give it a completely different look.

And third we have the Into the Forest quilt by Kitty Wilkin. I almost started coloring my trees in fall colors before I realized that they are EVERGREEN trees! So, I did them in shades of moss and teal and saved the fall color for the background. I chose peach, but would probably choose a lighter shade if I was making up this quilt in real life. (That goes to show you that testing out your color choices on a coloring page can be really helpful!)

In spite of the darker-than-intended background, I really like how this one turned out. I love this pattern so much and am really looking forward to seeing what different quilters do with it!

And speaking of ‘Into the Forest’, today I took a little field trip into the forest behind my back yard to show you what fall looks like in a Pacific Northwest wetlands (here’s a hint- lots of rotty, mossy things!). We got some good, sunny days over the weekend, but this week has turned out dreary, wet, and cold!

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And in case you hadn’t heard yet, you can get the Quilt Theory Coloring Pages for free when you purchase the Collection 3 Pattern Collector’s Package!

Next time, we’ll be dressing up Picnic Play, Pulsing Plus, and Skydust in wonderful, wintery colors!

Happy Sewing, ~Lorinda

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  1. Rochelle

    Thanks for showing how those coloring pages get used. I appreciate seeing different colorways.

  2. Jean McKinstry

    Using a change of fabric can make a huge difference, the “into the forest” shows that so well, evergreen innyour shades are so lovely.

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