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I love getting to go on an evening three-mile walk with my husband; the walk is often the highlight of our day. Sometimes we step outside and are greeted by the most dramatic cloudscapes (and instead of continuing on our walk, we run back inside to get our cameras first!):

Lenticular Clouds
Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular Clouds are a common sight in the areas around our mountain pass town in the lower Sierra Nevada mountains. My husband created a timelapse video of lenticular clouds that is also rather amazing in the evening sunset light. Because lenticulars appear to be sitting still in one place, the timelapse is especially interesting to watch as the cloud ebbs and flows.

Crocosmia flower
Crocosmia flower

Taking my camera along on our walks, I have also been able to capture details in nature to use for later inspiration, like the colors of this crocosmia flower

Feather in the Woods
Feather in the Woods

Or the lovely ridges and colors in a brilliant blue feather I found on a walk in the woods.

Garden Palette
Garden Palette

Even the food from my garden can be a source of inspiration. When I want to take a photograph and create a color palette, I use the Palette Builder by play-crafts. This looks like a great fall color palette, now that I’m thinking about it (and it makes a delicious fresh juice, too!).

What are some of your favorite sources of local inspiration? Clearly I like to look to nature!

And stay tuned… Quilt Theory will be launch Collection 3 in just a few short days!!!

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  1. Jan Altomare

    Yvonne that feather is stunning. At first, when I was looking those bright blues, I thought it was a piece of canvas fabric. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

  2. Lorna Jones

    That photo of the lenticular clouds is most impressive! Actually, all 3 photos are superb!

  3. Sandi

    I love your inspiration! How do you store your pictures? Do you try to keep them in file folders with central themes? (Can you tell I might have tons of pictures stuck in my Camera Uploads folder and am thinking about how to access them easier? :))

  4. Janice

    Love the Garden Palette. Those clouds are spectacular! We don’t get that particular cloud formation where I live so that was really fun to see.

  5. Jean McKinstry

    I can see colour graduations in those clouds, and down here, the grasses and tree foliage shows how well so many greens can be together.

  6. @susansquiltstudio

    What a great post. I was actually able to use the palette builder with some stored photos without learning a bunch of new tech tricks! Thank you SO much for the terrific idea plus tool to put it into use! I always have my iPhone in my pocket, now can be a bit more purposeful about capturing images I am seeing.

  7. Kaholly

    My first thought is never leave your house without your cameras! These are some gorgeous, inspirational captures!

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