Lorinda’s Color Inspirations: New Home

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to my week of Designer Corner. When I get to take over, I like to re-imagine Quilt Theory patterns in fun new colorways. Usually I would be posting Monday or Tuesday, but this week was an exciting and very busy one for me- my family moved! We are in the same town, but have relocated further out into the country. I love having more space and nature to enjoy!
So, for this week’s color inspiration, I decided to look no further than my new back yard and the surrounding forest. So let’s get to it…

First up is Corner Crest. I chose this picture of what I think are some form of dandelion. These are all over the property. They’re going to have to get pulled in the area of the property that isn’t forest- they take up lots of space! But, I did love the bright yellows of the flowers and decided to use yellow (and a little green!) for this pattern.

Next up is Color Crossing. I love in this picture how the browns and greens are accented with a strong pop of blue sky, so I tried to capture that in the pattern.


And lastly, we have Layered Diamonds. There’s something magical about coming across an unexpected treasure in the forest, so I was thrilled to find this robin’s egg shell. I thought it was really cool how the light reflecting on the shell created a gradient, so I recreated that same gradient in the background portions of the pattern.

That’s it for now! Next time I post, I’ll be sharing some coloring pages from our third collection. I can’t wait for you to see them!

Happy sewing, ~L

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  1. Susan

    All lovely and color happy! Thanks for sharing your choices. I LOVE dandelions! I wish I had some like that growing in my back yard woods. I encourage the ones in the grass. I’ve always enjoyed them.

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