Yvonne’s Collection 3 Work in Progress

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Secret sewing is so hard to do! However, there are some fun sneak peeks that can be shared along the way. Today I’m going to walk through as much as I can to share about the Work in Progress for Collection 3 that I personally worked on.

The first stage of a Work in Progress and sewing any quilter does for a Quilt Theory collection is usually when we go through pattern testing week and we test another designer’s pattern.

Quilting Confetti from Pattern Testing Week
Quilting Confetti from Pattern Testing Week

For Collection 3, I pattern tested for Stephanie Palmer, and I pulled some of my favorite colors from my stash to work with. If the quilting confetti is this pretty, you know I was motivated and having fun!

Quilt Theory Collection 3 Pattern Test
Quilt Theory Collection 3 Pattern Test

I was able to turn the pattern test for Stephanie into a finished quilt, and I am looking forward to sharing my version of her design during release week!

Trimming Loose Thread from Quilt Top
Trimming Loose Thread from Quilt Top

The quilt top for my Collection 3 Design was really fun to put together, and I decided that I needed to trim the loose and frayed fabric edges of the seams from the back of the quilt top before I basted and quilted. It didn’t take too long, and it left me feeling more confident about how the quilt would finish. I posted a question about whether other quilters do this step to my Instagram and Facebook accounts, and it was very split between people who say they always or never do this. I actually only do it when I feel the quilt top is very light and ghosting might occur (and there were a few people who also worked this way), but most people seemed to be in the always or never camp. It was an interesting question and response!

Quilting in Progress - Back of Quilt
Quilting in Progress – Back of Quilt

While I own and use a longarm, I still try to quilt about 20% of my quilts on my domestic machine (a Juki TL-2200 QVP Mini). When I created my Collection 3 design, I knew exactly how I wanted to quilt it: with an all over spiral. My domestic was the right machine to make that happen!

Hand Stitching Binding
Hand Stitching Binding

I personally like to hand stitch my binding to the back of a quilt. So the finishing touches on any of my Quilt Theory quilts takes a good be of touch time: hand stitching the binding, hand stitching on the label, and hand stitching on a hanging sleeve!

Quilt Theory Label
Quilt Theory Label

One fantastic new detail for Collection 3 are custom Quilt Theory labels for each quilt! Michelle designed them for the team (using Spoonflower to print them), and I was really excited to proudly add it to my quilt.

For me, the final bit of time spent hand stitching on the quilt is time well spent. I do not expect to ever receive my Quilt Theory quilts back home. Each of the Quilt Theory designers is offered the option to receive their cover quilt back after it is done being used to promote a collection, but I have chosen to leave my quilts with Michelle and hope that it will come in handy for the long term for the team or be able to be auctioned off or donated to charity at some point in the future.

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  1. The trimmings, the thread endings, fab colours.

  2. Paula S. Pike

    It’s so good to see other’s hand finishing their quilts.

  3. The colours of those trimmings and thread are really gorgeous can’t wait to see your quilt xx

  4. I agree with Jean, such pretty colors! Nice labels too!

  5. I always love to read the Quilt Theory posts! They give me little insights into your creative personalities that I find endearing. The fabrics look delicious and I can’t wait to see the quilt reveal.

  6. Looking forward to the reveal of collection 3! Cool labels.

  7. Such suspense! The colors look gorgeous – can’t wait to see the final, and what others did too. Great job on the spiral quilting – probably easier on a domestic?

  8. I’ve only hand finished binding on one large quilt, although I’ve done it on several minis. I’m so impatient! But I do love how clean it looks!!

  9. Love the trimmings – looking forward to seeing the quilts!

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