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Have you been wanting to learn more about the individual designers that make up Quilt Theory?  We are going to be highlighting Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl in this post with a new serious (and not so serious) interview.  I hope you learn something new about Yvonne in these 10 questions…


  1. What three words would you pick to describe yourself?

Compassionate, Creative, Intuitive


  1. When and how did you make the transition from quilter to pattern designer?

I was making a large (oversized queen) tessellation quilt for a client and I got a huge amount of interest and support from my blog readers about creating a pattern for the design. I couldn’t find a pattern for what my client wanted online, so I had made it up for myself. An online friend, Carla from Granny Maud’s Girl, was a professional editor and she pushed me over the edge when she offered to review anything I wrote for free. So I took a deep breath and gave it a try. Funnily enough, that pattern didn’t really sell all that well (everyone that claimed interest seemed to lose interest when there was a price tag at the end), but it gave me great confidence and I haven’t looked back or slowed down in pattern writing since!


  1. What machine(s) do you sew and quilt on?

I piece on a Juki TL-2200 QVP Mini, which is a domestic straight line stitch machine and a newer version of their popular 2010. It is a great machine! I also have an older (circa 2004) APQS Millennium long arm with a 10-foot frame. I still try to quilt about 20% of my finishes on my Juki, but I have to admit that having a long arm has really increased the speed I can make and finish a quilt.


  1. What is your favorite snack and/or beverage while sewing? Your favorite listening option while sewing (music, podcast, etc)?

I pretty much only drink water or herbal tea (Yogi Egyptian Licorice is a current favorite). In terms of listening, I really struggle to pay attention to podcasts or audiobooks or music that is “new” to me when I am working as the noise of the machine easily covers sound and I can zone out when I am happily working. So given all that, I find myself without anything turned on or I might have on a music playlist that is “non-vocal”.


  1. What is your favorite type of cookie?

I have a weakness for cookies. I love magic middles – soft, peanut butter inside covered by a rich, chocolate outside. They are complicated to make so I don’t tend to make them very often, which is also a good thing for my waist. 😉


  1. Which types of fabrics tend to be most used from your stash or most often purchased?

Solids. Especially large yardage of solids for backings. I really love backing a quilt in a solid because it can showcase the quilting in a different way than the pieced quilt top.


  1. Which wild animal do you identify with the most?

Hmm, I don’t know about identifying with, but I have a short list of animals that I think it would be fun to “live the life in a day of”: dolphin, hummingbird, jumping spider.


  1. What is your favorite phone app?

Skype. I rarely use my phone for anything other than texting, talking, or video conference calling with my husband, and of those 3, I would always prefer to Skype with him.


  1. What is the best piece of advice you have received from another quilter?

You are doing your best work now: be proud of all your quilts.

She was trying to convey that we should not be so quick to go back and judge our earlier quilts and try to hold them to our current level of ability. Instead, we should love and celebrate each of quilts that helped form us as creators and get us to our current level of skill and ability.


  1. If your cat was able to design a quilt, what do you think it would look like?

HAHAHAHAHA Oh my goodness I love this question. My cat (named Puppy) LOVES quilts and if he had his way, all the quilts I made would be put in a pile that he would lay on and claim. Now if he were to design a quilt, though, it would probably need some cat-sized pockets for him to get in and out of, like the pocket of a quillow (do you know a quillow? A quilt that folds up and can also be a pillow?). So I’d guess there would be plenty of those pockets all over the quilt (front OR back, because being under a quilt is equally as awesome as being on top of a quilt for a cat and if you can be under a quilt AND in a pocket, well, that would be even better). I don’t think he’s too terribly picky about color, but as a black and white cat I have always thought he looked handsome with jewel colors.


Here are Yvonne’s Quilt Theory patterns:












~ Cheryl

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  1. Kaholly

    Excellent interview! But a jumping spider? Really? I’m not afraid of spiders……but I come unglued when it’s a jumping spider, especially in a car!

  2. Anne Boundy

    great questions and answers! 🙂 I too cannot listen to anything that requires my attention whilst sewing. I love the sound of my machine and my brain going at 100 miles a minute on the next project!!!

  3. Emily

    The cat question is AWESOME, as is Yvonne’s answer! I bet all the cats I know would love a quilt with cat-sized pockets!

  4. Kitty

    This is so much fun!!! Yvonne, I think you’ve got your next pattern design lined up… Puppy the Cat’s custom cat quilt. I love this series and had a great time reading… Thanks to both of you!

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