Lorinda’s Color Inspirations: Independence Day

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Hi there, and welcome to this week’s Designer Corner! For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Lorinda Davis, and you can find my work over at Laurel, Poppy, and Pine. And if you ARE familiar with me, you probably know that I absolutely love playing with color. In fact, what drew me to quilting to begin with was the way you can change the look of a block or quilt simply by changing fabric and color selections.

So, for my Designer Corner posts, I decided to do what I love best- draw color inspiration from life and try out some Quilt Theory quilts in new color combinations.

This week, the United States celebrates Independence Day. And that means I’ve been seeing a lot of red, white, and blue the past few weeks. Neighbors are putting up flags and 4th of July decor, fireworks stands are popping up along the road, and all the stores have red, white and blue displays. I’m even seeing 4th of July-themed candy for sale! So for this week, I decided to dress up some Quilt Theory quilts for the holiday.

Of course, try as I might, I simply couldn’t make four quilt tops this week. So I opted for the much easier option of coloring pages!

Did you know that when you purchase the Quilt Theory PDF Pattern Collector’s Bundle, you also get coloring pages of all the patterns?! They’re so much fun!


In order to be able to mix lots of variations of red and blue, I opted to use gouache paint instead of my normal colored pencils. The downside to the paint: my paper got pretty wavy by adding water to it, so these pictures are less than ideal. On the bright side, I do like that the waviness of the pages make them look like a real quilt when it blows in the wind!




First up was Mountain Calling by Daisy Aschehoug. I love the mountains, and have always wanted to see this quilt in blues.


The second pattern is Arrow Point Path by Cheryl Brickey. I opted for a cream background on this one with lots of different reds and blues. This is a fun quilt!

Next up is my own pattern, By Your Side. I’ve wanted to do a variation with only a few colors for quite a while. I like it ok, but might need to print out another and try it with a gray background so the design pops out more.

  Last but certainly not least, we have Staggered by Kitty Wilkin. I really wanted to see how this one would look with just two colors.  And with that gorgeous wave design, I just had to choose red and white. I love how it is reminiscent of a US flag without being super obvious.


It’s nice to be able to see what these quilts might look like without the commitment of actually making a full quilt. You can try out some colors, and if you don’t like them, it’s as easy as printing out another page and trying again until you find a color combo that you truly love.

As I said before, I always wanted to see Mountain Calling in blues. Based on what I loved (and didn’t love) about my coloring page, I was able to make selections from my stash to create these two mini versions of Mountain Calling. I don’t know yet which is my favorite! When I decide, I think it’ll get finished and go on the wall in my studio.


Thanks for joining me this week! Stay tuned for more great tips and behind-the-scenes fun from the rest of the Quilt Theory designers.

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  1. Jean McKinstry

    I like the lower Mountain Calling, with the darker fabrics in the centre. What a wonderful way to see how they all change with colour variations.

  2. Libby

    I love seeing all the different color ways you used. Makes my brain start to experiment with different settings/colors – something I rarely do. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Daisy

    I adore Mountain Call in blues, Lorinda!!! Makes me think of the Blue Ridge mountains where I spent so much time as a kid. Quilts have such emotional capacity and color is an important element to that. These are all gorgeous new palettes that show how versatile the original designs are. Lovely!

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