Quilt Theory’s Tech Editing Process

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Quilt Theory’s Tech Editing Process – ensuring the best possible patterns

As a pattern designer, one of the most nerve racking things to do is publish a quilt pattern.  We hope that all of our hard work has paid off and that when we hit the publish button or order the printed patterns that our instructions are as clearly written and error free as possible.  Today, I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes peek at the Quilt Theory’s editing process.

Once the quilt designs are set (we work to make sure that each pattern within a collection is distinct and that all of the patterns work well together), each designer drafts their pattern instructions and illustrations according to our internal set of guidelines.

Our technical editing team, led by Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl and myself (Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs), reviews the patterns for math accuracy, language, and style.  After the drafts are reviewed, the designers amend their patterns with suggested edits and order fabric.

We are then paired up and test each other’s patterns making a few blocks to the entire quilt top.  Here is my quilt design Arrow Point Path and Kitty of Night Quilter’s test blocks that she made into a pillow.


Photography credit: Michelle Bartholomew (left) and Kitty Wilkin (right) 

Here is Kitty of Night Quilter’s quilt design Staggered and my test blocks from Kitty’s pattern made into a baby quilt (with the blocks mixed up).

Photography credit: Michelle Bartholomew (left) and Cheryl Brickey (right) 


After the testers’ edits and suggestions are added in, the instructions head over to Michelle of Michelle Bartholomew Designs who works on putting the instructions and illustrations into the postcard format using InDesign.  Finally, before printing and releasing the collection, each pattern is reviewed again by at least 2 quilters to catch any remaining errors and to make sure that the pattern language matches stylistically through all of the patterns.

I hope that you find our patterns to be well written and that you enjoyed learning a little about the process on how we ensure the best possible patterns!

~ Cheryl

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  1. Arzina

    I love your patterns. It’s really nice to know how your process works.

  2. Jean McKinstry

    I have found it is so very different to making up a block, applique or quilt yourself, and publishing the pattern, how to do it, and a finished item. ( I am finding this as I am in the 12 days of Christmas in July blog hop )… Your patterns, off to another quilter, then out to testers, a whole lot of background “stuff” going on that we wouldn’t have any idea about.

  3. Kate

    Great post, we don’t realise how much work the designer has done from conception to finished pattern.

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