Evolution of the Quilt Theory Logo – plus Introducing Designer Corner!

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We are excited to introduce a new weekly column to the Quilt Theory blog, called Designer Corner! Each week, one of our designers will share something new with you! If you’re looking to see more of what happens behind the scenes, more tips and tricks, or more fabulous quilty inspiration, it’s all coming soon! We’ll start with our first designer next week! Stay tuned!! 🙂

For this week, we thought it would be fun to share the story of our Quilt Theory logo! It’s one of things we get asked about the most. And it’s one of the things I was most excited about sharing when we launched our new company.

Once our team had agreed upon the name Quilt Theory for our new business, I (Michelle) worked on different concepts for the logo. The name Quilt Theory sparked an idea about combining some science elements with quilting, so I googled things like science and chemistry (genius I know! 🙂 ) and then started sketching.

Yesterday, I dug through the official Quilt Theory files and found this classified document that I can only now reveal to you…

These are my initial sketch ideas for the logo. Lol, I’m a little embarassed about sharing this old crumpled up piece of paper, but it is really fun to see where everything started! You can see the ones I underlined, which were the ones I wanted to mock up for the group.

From the sketches, I went into Illustrator and created my favorite ones. Here are the four that I thought had some potential (and actually, we still might use that rainbow one for something special).

I sent these mockups to the group for a vote. Once we had selected which logo we wanted, the next thing to decide what what colors to use. Here are the colors I proposed to the group:

I thought this part would be more difficult but everyone was pretty excited about using the one with the blues (we all love blue! maybe that’s why we work so well together haha).

And with that, the Quilt Theory logo was born!

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  1. Jean McKinstry

    This is a wonderful story of the hatching of a logo!!! So good to throw the suggestions out there, and have some choices. Blues, my favourite colours too. I would save your sheet with the drawings on, after all, this is probably how Rutherford began to ponder and work out how to split the atom and Einstein to develop the theory of relativity. There is that word again, see how it links to those who have done wonderful things many years ago.

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing your crumpled up piece of paper. It’s wonderful to see how ideas get started and then developed.

  3. Yvonne Fuchs

    I still love that there are 7 lines in the parallelogram below the blue triangle… 🙂

  4. Lorna Jones

    Great write-up and the visual is wonderful! Creativity is necessarily messy. Thanks for taking us along on the ride!

  5. Jayne

    I often wonder how people come up with their logos…thank you for sharing! What a fun process to go through with so many talented ladies!

    • Michelle

      Thanks so much for visiting the Quilt Theory blog and leaving us comments! I’m so glad to know you found the posts interesting. It has been really fun sharing more about what goes on behind the scenes!

  6. Beth LaMotte

    The final logo has such a wonderful flow to it. The rainbow one is so dimensional. I just love it. It would be neat to try and put 7 lines on one of the colors and see what that element would add. Great job!

  7. Nancy

    This is the stuff that no one ever remembers. I love that you saved that piece of paper. I also appreciate the effort it takes to reach consensus especially on something meaningful like a logo. I am sure there are much bigger organizations that could not provide this type of clarity about their hunt for a logo. Looking forward to the weekly posts.

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